Vibration Test Equipment

A key aspect of vibration testing is the plates and fixtures that supports the components. Due to the rigid testing conditions, the fixtures and table require stiffness, strength, lightweight and good damping characteristics to reduce resonance. Luxfer Graphic Arts’ Magnesium AZ31B Tooling Plate is an ideal material, due to its combined physical and mechanical properties.

The low density and high damping capacity make Luxfer Graphic Arts’ AZ31B TP the material of choice for vibration testing equipment. Fixtures fabricated from our Tool Plate TP exhibit higher resonant frequencies relative to equivalent aluminum structures. This allows testing to be carried out at higher frequencies and shorter test times, which in turn reduces testing costs. Vibration test machines are limited to a maximum force exerted. As F=ma and high acceleration enables higher frequencies within a defined displacement, the reduced mass of a magnesium fixture increases the overall envelope of operation of any given vibration test bed. Higher frequencies can result in a shorter test time when the number of cycles specified and the lower weight allows multiple parts to be ran in the same test, greatly reducing the overall cost of the testing process.

Specific Damping Capacity:
AA6061-T6, Zn, Ti — 1.50%
Cast irons, Ni alloys — 2.50%
Pure Al, Cu — 3.50%
Steel — 4%
Mag Alloy (AZ31B) — 10%

Credit: Courtesy of Baughn Engineering

Magnesium Plate Benefits:

  • Best damping capacity of any metal
  • Lightweight material accommodates heavier loads
  • Allows for higher resonant frequencies over aluminum
  • Energy Savings

Credit: VF Laboratory – Wood River, IL



    In our industry of making vibration test fixtures, we rely heavily on our partnership with Luxfer GA to provide the consistency in magnesium plate required to make durable components that successfully exceed our customers needs. Luxfer GA material is used in over 90% of all test fixtures nationwide and is our primary choice for magnesium.

    Shawn Martin (President)

    SEMCO (Specialty Engineering & Mfg. Co.) San Bernardino, CA

    Centrotecnica has been working in the field of testing and vibration testing for over 40 years and, making extensive use of magnesium in the production of its products, has found in Luxfer a valuable support, both as a supplier of raw material and expertise in the processing of this light alloy.

    Centrotecnica S.r.l


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