What We Do

Luxfer Graphic Arts specializes in developing, manufacturing and supplying magnesium products to technology industries worldwide.

Luxfer Graphic Arts manufactures and supplies into two major market categories. These are the Graphic Arts industry and general engineering markets such as aerospace, construction, defense, oil & gas, and automotive.

We manufacture and supply a full suite of products for the graphic arts industry that allows us to be a one stop shop for engravers. This includes photo engraving plates in magnesium, zinc, copper and brass, as well as the sundries for creating high quality finished dies. Sundries include the supporting chemicals and equipment for etching photo engraving plates to create stamping dies for embossing and foiling.

Luxfer Graphic Arts also provides lightweight engineering solutions focused on the application of magnesium sheet and plate in a wide range of industries. We work closely with end users to ensure that they fully understand how to benefit from the mass reduction associated with using engineering specification grade magnesium sheet and plate. Current applications include orthopedic knee braces, textile looming equipment, vibration testing equipment and robotic applications. We are continually seeking new areas to apply our products through innovation and close partnership with our customers.

We are a fully integrated manufacturer of magnesium sheet and plate with casting and rolling equipment that has a name plate capacity of 10,000 tonnes. This is augmented with downstream processing capabilities that enable the production of artisan grade Photo Engraving plates that we supply in magnesium, zinc, copper and brass. Additionally, we supply magnesium sheet and plate to the engineering community that is manufactured to third party specifications such as ASTM and SAE AMS standards.