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Established in 1935, we are a world leader in manufacturing Magnesium Plate and Sheet alloys for lightweighting. Luxfer MRP is headquartered in Madison, IL and is the largest magnesium rolling facility in the world. Our fully integrated DC casting and rolling operations are capable of producing 10,000 metric tons of magnesium per year. Luxfer MRP continues to push metallurgical boundaries of magnesium alloy technology by taking advantage of magnesium’s unique properties.

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Visit Luxfer MRP at AeroMat 2019 Booth 204 – May 6-8
Luxfer Magnesium Rolled Products (MRP) will be exhibiting at AeroMat 2019 Conference and Exhibition in Reno, Nevada. The expo takes place May 6-8 at the Nugget Casino Resort. From space to defense, Luxfer’s Magnesium plate and sheet has a proven record of performance and robustness. With Magnesium approximately 33% lighter than aluminum, any lightweighting aerospace ...

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Focusing on developing, manufacturing and supplying unique high-performance magnesium alloys.

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Our alloys combine weight saving with optimal mechanical strength to provide a versatile and safe material for use in many current market and business sectors.

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Our pioneering advances in R&D, technology and production techniques have generated new and unique applications for wrought magnesium.

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