End-of-arm Tooling (EOAT) for Industrial Robotics

End of Arm Tooling capabilities are crucial to the intricacies of robotic automation. Our magnesium alloys are idea for this application by providing lightweight material to improve speed and performance, as magnesium is the lightest structural metal compared to aluminum, steel and titanium.

Industrial Robot end users continue to request more performance from robotic OEM’s. The increase in performance can typically only be achieved by innovation at the End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) where the work action is taking place. Many EOAT manufactures design from aluminum plate to enhance performance, especially for the pick-and-place industry. By replacing aluminum with magnesium plate, a 36% increase in weight savings can be achieved.

The advantages of using magnesium for this application ensures:

  • Lower overall energy cost
  • Improves collaborative safety
  • Increase speed of automation
  • Receives higher payload
  • Improves vibration damping
  • Can reduce wear and tear, saving maintenance costs

Mechanical properties of magnesium plate are on par with most typically used aluminum grades, so little EOAT redesign is needed. Contact Luxfer MRP to discuss your Industrial Robotic application and how lightweigting with magnesium can help you win the end users business with improved robot performance.



    LG Precision recently invested in a specially equipped machining centre to safely process magnesium. Beyond the supply of the raw material, for which we trusted LUXFER, the advice and expertise of LUXFER in this area were of great help to us.

    LG Precision


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