Luxfer Graphic Arts Precision Brass plates produce sophisticated three-dimensional dies, perfect for sculptured embossing and combination embossing/foil-stamping dies. Brass is popular worldwide for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) engraving.

We offer customers two different options when it comes to brass. CNC Brass with a milled finish, which allows for a tolerance +0.30mm / -0.00mm. Or Machined Brass with a polished finish that has a tolerance of ±0.05mm.

Gauges & Formats Available In Two Forms 

CNC Brass 
Mill finish, packed as-rolled from mill with no coating or paint. Plate slightly over-gauge to be skimmed by the user.

Machine Brass 
Polished on one side to gauge with no coating or paint. 

Gauge Range 
6.35 mm / .250” 
7.00 mm / .276”

Gauge Tolerance 
-0/+.3mm (-0/+.012”)

Why Brass?

Brass has been a popular alloy in engraving since the middle ages. Used by artisans and manufacturers alike, primarily used for decorative features. Brass etchings and engravings found their way onto cups, armour, guns and metal plates. 

Brass is a popular alloy for signs, trophies, plaques and a top choice for decorative pieces because its colour is similar to gold. The metal is also highly malleable and durable, making it an easy choice for engineered components and instruments across all industries. 

Through consistent polishing and upkeep, Brass components are able to stand the test of time, continuously providing a high-quality aesthetic appeal while on display.

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Applications of Brass.

As mentioned before, Brass is primarily used decoratively. Using techniques such as Foiling, Embossing and a combination of the two. These methods can create stunning visuals that stand out amongst other finishes and produce elegant and defined final pieces. 

Brass dies are used in long press foil stamping runs, creating striking imagery on greeting cards, labels, book covers, presentation folders, business cards, stationery and trading cards.

Embossing uses brass dies to create a relief image on different substrates, including paper, leather, textiles and wood. Combining a metal die with a counter-die under heat and pressure, results in a single, multi-level or three-dimensional raised image. Elaborate three-dimensional designs come to life through engraving, whether done by hand or computer.

 Due to the durable qualities of Brass, customers may find they wish to use the alloy in signage or nameplates, this is easily achievable when using engraving or etching tools such as a CNC machine. 

These computer programmed machines cut the Brass, getting rid of any metal not needed in the final design. CNC machines allow for incredibly detailed pieces to be cut accurately and quickly, perfect for making signs and plaques.

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